The Remodeling Projects That Pay California Homeowners Back the Most

  • In San Francisco, San Jose & Los Angeles, installing manufactured stone veneer is the home improvement with the largest return. Remodeling defines this project as removing 300 feet of vinyl siding and replacing it with a stone substitute, with job costs ranging between $9,000 and $11,000 in those three California cities. Adding manufactured stone veneer returns 153.6 percent of its cost in San Francisco, 131.4 percent in San Jose, and 130.1 percent in Los Angeles.

  • In Wine Country, building a composite-based deck returns more than 150 percent on investment, as does upgrading a garage door and replacing a roof using asphalt shingles.

  • In Santa Rosa, nearly half of all tracked remodeling projects return more than 100 percent on investment but building a wooden deck packs the biggest bang per remodeling buck, returning 175.6 percent of the average $17,087 cost.

  • Nationwide, upgrading a garage door nets the biggest return on investment, at 97.5 percent of the average $3,611 cost.

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